From Pattern Manufacturing to Casting -Our Process


Castek can produce a wide variety of different types of pattern equipment. Multiple materials, such as urethane foams, Perfect Plank Pine, mahogany, composite materials, and metal, can be used to make these patterns if necessary.

Whether having a simple shape constructed manually or using a highly engineered file designed in a 3D CAD package, Castek can provide CNC-cut tooling using 3 and 5-axis machining centers to provide ultimate precision and accuracy on every project.


At Castek, we combine decades of knowledge with modern technology. Our configuration of mixers with smart-pump technology allows us to produce molds from highly detailed smaller tooling to larger, fully-machined castings that range from 40″ square to 125″ square.

We reclaim our molding sand in our semi-actuated shakeout process to complement our mixing systems. This allows Castek to reduce customer costs and be ergonomically and environmentally friendly. 

Our ISO 9001 Certified operation ensures we carefully document our customer’s tool requirements from initial design work to finished turn-key tools. This dramatically enhances customers’ confidence in us as we build upon a solid and lasting partnership.


Castek’s furnace capacity allows us to produce castings from one pound to 7,000 lb. pour weight. We utilize electric resistance melting furnaces, followed by a proven dragging process to provide high-quality 319 and 356 metal to meet the needs of our customers’ specifications.

After producing the castings, we heat treat the 356 castings with an aging furnace. This added step in our process provides the needed properties for the best machining quality.


Castek’s cleaning department has the generational experience to bench/polish molds to our customer’s requirements adequately. A non-silica blasting media or an option using a wide variety of etched textured surfaces are available when considering “mold finish” options.


Our precision closing department is typically the last step in our manufacturing process. We routinely drill each mold for vacuum, construct manifolds using a silver solder method and prepare molds for turn-key operation using strict customer guidelines.

In addition to our commercial mold builds, our highly skilled craftsmen have created architecturally appealing art forms in aluminum for several local artists and educational institutions such as Bowling Green State University and Cedarville College. These impressive pieces can be viewed in our special projects section.

So, now you understand our process! If you’re ready to get started, then connect with us today

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