Waterjet Fixtures

Assembling waterjet fixtures from laminated epoxy is designed to allow customers to utilize a repeatable process to run the fixture over many thousands of cycles by using stainless steel and other capable materials. All fixtures are custom-built to suit the needs of the customer.

Assembly Fixtures

These fixtures are used for secondary attaching to customers’ products. They include stapling, edge folding, infrared heating and pressing, gluing, and other miscellaneous applications. Based on customer requirements, these fixtures can be manually or automated.

Poke Yoke Fixtures

A poke yoke fixture inspects the customer’s workpiece with simple mechanical checks, photo eyes, or fiber optic sensors. These sophisticated, custom-built fixtures have interactive touch screens showing the workpiece and the checking points of designation, ensuring the product meets the customer’s specified requirements.

Check Fixtures

Designed to customers’ specifications, either machined to their surface data or machined to the data we configure from their information.

​Fixtures are either machined forms or epoxy-laminated forms made from a machined surface. Fixtures are inspected on our CMM ( Coordinate Measuring Machine ) to verify the fixture matches the data with the build tolerance.

Automotive enamel paint and clear coating are applied to fixtures to help keep them clean and lines intact while used in the customer’s daily process.

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