Our Pennsylvania Facility


Chambersburg, PA

castek chambersburg, pennsylvania building
Castek’s 30,000-square-foot aluminum foundry facility in Pennsylvania is an established part of the business experienced in large-scale project expertise. Castek offers engineering, CMM services, program management, 5-axis CNC machining capabilities, welding, fabricating, and experience in design-build electrical, pneumatic, and hydraulic components. Castek has strength and equipment solutions with over 150 years of combined technical expertise to meet the needs of our valued customers.

Engineering and Design

Castek’s Engineering Team has over 80 years of combined tool-design experience that allows customer integration and support. We can take even the most complex designs and turn them in to simple solutions.

With reverse-engineering capabilities, we can create 3-D CAD models from customers’ drawings, prints and files and are able to assist with product molding issues and revisions as needed.

We collaborate with our customers to design products and tooling to fit their processes and requirements using several advanced modeling software programs that include but are not limited to: Mastercam, Siemens, SolidWorks and Transmagic. Whether customers use comparable programs, we still obtain the downloading capabilities to convert any customer file into reliable data.

With Castek’s diverse design and manufacturing experience combined with innovative approaches, our engineering team is committed to distributing high-quality design and precision engineered products from design concept to manufactured goods.

Our Equipment

Cranes: Castek is equipped with several cranes that can handle up to 25 tons. This ensures the job is completed safely and efficiently.

Furnaces:  State of the art electric furnaces and degassing systems provide high quality metal.  With the ability to pour up to 7000 lbs at one time, casting size is never a problem.  

Shake-out:  Using our leading edge shake out equipment, molds are freed of sand quickly and safely.

Heat treat:  Our modern heat treat furnace can handle castings of any size, and ensures a magnificent machining surface

Sand Mixers:  With high capacity and speed, our brand-new Tinker-Omega sand mixers allow the perfect blend of sand that guarantees a fantastic mold finish.  

Presses:  High tonnage presses allow Castek to provide sampling and mold spotting capability. We can provide sample parts that confirms an excellent mold

Welding:  Multiple welders are useful for repair and modifications to existing tools.  Our highly skilled and experienced personnel will make any job look brand new.

3 & 5 Axis CNC Machining

Castek has numerous CNC machines for a variety of project sizes ranging from small envelop detail machining up to large 120” x 240” 5 axis CNC machining capabilities. Several new CNC machines have been added to the Castek machining arsenal over the past couple of years to provide accurate, dependable service for your projects. Keeping up with current machining technology, high spindle RPM’s and machine travel speeds allow fewer CNC machining hours and tighter tolerance on each and every mold we produce.

5 Axis CNC machining allows Castek to machine work pieces with challenging part shapes and deeper Z axis vertical walls that would be troublesome for conventional 3 Axis CNC machining. This provides a tighter tolerance and less post benching and polishing time required after machining.

Castek has CNC machines to accommodate numerous material types such as:

Castek’s complement of CNC machines are ready to assist with your project. Send us your data and one of our knowledgeable staff will get a quote to you right away.


Castek has an internal fleet of transportation options to provide innovative strategies and solutions to pick up and deliver products to meet prompt deadlines and ensure customer satisfaction. With a national and international customer base, Castek has also partnered with several logistic operations that allow cost effective shipping solutions for safe and on-time deliveries.

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